Mission Trips

Jackson, Kentucky

October 6-13

Adult (18-88)

Our first mission trip to our newest sister parish, Holy Cross Church, will be October 6–13, 2017. We will leave on Friday (Oct. 6) evening and overnight in Rensselaer, IN. We need to arrive by 4 pm on Saturday, to join the parish for Mass  at 5 pm with a welcoming potluck to follow. Our last day will be Friday, October 13. We will leave Jackson, KY after lunch and a closing prayer.

We are looking for men and women (ages 18 to 88) who are willing to help in home repairs in rural Kentucky. We appreciate skilled folks who can lead a team at a worksite as well as semi-skilled and unskilled folks who don’t mind working hard. We each pay our own expenses: shared travel, food, and lodging. We don’t have the costs established, but we will get that information soon. For our past mission trips in the United States, the costs have been less than $350. We will stay at the church in rooms of 4-6 people. There are twelve lower bunks. If folks are willing to sleep in upper bunks, we can accommodate a larger number.

This week in Kentucky will be a time for us bond as a parish mission team and to learn about life in Appalachia. We will pray together and we will work together.

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If you have any questions, call or email Tom and Maureen Donovan: donovan@new.rr.com or 920-426-0281.