Employment Networking

St. Raphael’s RU Support Employment Networking Group was created to help encourage and edify individuals finding themselves Recently Unemployed or Underemployed (this is where the RU comes from). All individuals are welcome to attend RU Support regardless of their individual religious or professional status, and there is no cost involved in membership with this group. Weekly attendance is voluntary, and lasts only as long as you need to successfully obtain the employment which you are looking for. 

A small team of economic development leaders from the Oshkosh area lead the group as other job-seekers share their job search stories, and then the group brainstorms for creative and resourceful ideas to help one another. Occasionally, guest speakers will join the group to share presentations on résumé best practices, interviewing, and other topics relevant to your professional development. Together, these efforts have led to numerous job leads, interview opportunities, and eventual employment offers.

Mondays at 8:30 – 10:30 am

No cost, attend at your discretion

If you would like to partake in this group, we encourage you to check the parish calendar for an upcoming Monday meeting date. If you have any further questions about RU Support, contact the parish office at 920 233 8044 or fill out the Employment Networking Form.