Music Ministries

Welcome to the music ministry page! At St. Raphael, we have many opportunities for musicians to get involved. We have accompanists, instrumentalists, small groups, mixed choir, men's choir, and youth groups. If you would like more information or to take the next step to getting involved in music ministry, fill out the Music Ministry Form, or download the Stewardship Opportunities booklet.

Current Ministry Members

2019-20 Choir Rehearsal Schedules & Monthly Mass Schedules

December & January

February & March


Adult Choir 2019-20

Men's Choir 2019-20

Youth Choir 2019-20

Music Sheets by Week

2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Presentation of the Lord

5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

7th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Guided Music Tracks

I Believe: Lead/Tenor and Bass/Baritone

In Christ Alone: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass

The Gift of Love - Verse 3: Top Line and Lower Line

Mary Did You Know: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass

Christmastime: Soprano/Lead, Alto/Baritone, Tenor, Bass

A Celtic Noel: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass

How Deep the Father's Love For Us: Top Line/Lead, Baritone, Tenor, Bass

Good Friday Adoration Music Recordings

1 pm Service

7 pm Service

Christmas Concert Recordings

4 pm Christmas Eve

10 pm Christmas Eve