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Special Events & Social Ministries

These ministries are social setting functions, most of which are responsible for assisting in the planning, setup, running, and cleanup of events at St. Raphael. Below is the list of ministries and scroll down for detailed listings. Click the link to download the Stewardship Opportunities booklet. For additional information, call the parish office at 920 233 8044. 

  • An Evening in... 
  • Baking Ministry
  • Christmas Tree/Wreath Project
  • Fish Fry
  • Knights of Columbus*
  • Mardi Gras
  • Mission Trips for Adults
  • Mission Trips for Youth
  • Saint Vincent de Paul Society*
  • Salvatorian Misison*
  • Senior Social Events
  • Soup & Study
  • Sunday Coffee and Donuts
  • YMCA Parish Night

* Sections marked with an asterisk denote an opportunity through an organization whose leadership is located outside of St. Raphael the Archangel Catholic Church. These groups, along with their events and projects, may be hosted at St. Raphael and be comprised of parishioner volunteers, but are not overseen by St. Raphael staff. We are happy to direct you to the people in charge of the events and groups.

An Evening In...

No Event January 2018

This popular annual event is held the last Saturday of January. Planning starts much earlier and help is always welcomed. A different country is selected each year and celebrated with that country’s food, drink, entertainment, and decor. Volunteers are needed to help with setup before the event, bussing tables, serving drinks, taking tickets, etc. during the 3-hour event, and cleaning up after the event.


Time Commitment: Varies by position.

Baking Ministry

Many of our events and formation opportunities include a reception for guests to mingle, talk about their experiences, and reflect on the presentation. Bakers are needed to supply the reception with food for the attendees. Volunteers are put on a list and noticed of baking opportunities when they arise. 


Time Commitment: As needed, will be called.

Christmas Tree and Wreath Sales

This project involves the sale of about 325 trees and 30 wreaths. They are delivered on the Saturday before Thanksgiving and sales begin the Friday after Thanksgiving. Volunteers are needed on the morning of delivery and for sale shifts during the 3-week selling period. Volunteers provide customers with tree care information, baling services if needed, and handle transactions.


Time Commitment: 2-hour shifts for sales, 2 hours for initial delivery and set up.

Fish Fry

The famous Friday Night Fish Fry is a popular social event and fundraiser held six Fridays during Lent. Hundreds of volunteers are needed to work in 2-hour shifts. Chair/co-chairs and workers are needed for a variety of committees. Possible duties include food prep, cooking, serving, cleanup, and bringing desserts.


Time Commitment: 2-hour shift for general help, varies for chairs and committees.

Knights of Columbus*

The St. Raphael Knights of Columbus, Council 11305, is a lay Catholic family fraternal service organization. One of the primary missions of the Knights is to share their blessings by providing financial and volunteer support for fundraising drives to aid our parish, Lourdes Academy, other charities, and the Oshkosh area community. One example is the Tootsie Roll drive, which helps fund our city-wide religious formation for children with mental and/or physical handicaps.


Time Commitment: Monthly meetings and special projects.

Mardi Gras

On the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, our parish parties! The evening begins with a dinner, continues with family entertainment, and concludes with the annual “Burying of the Alleluia” in preparation for the Lenten season. Volunteers assist with decorating, serving food, setting up, and cleaning up.


Time Commitment: Approximately 4 hours on the day of the event.

Mission Trips for Adults

One way we as a parish reach outside our walls and use special parishioner talents and gifts. We sponsor two trips: one to Kentucky to help build or remodel homes to provide safe housing, and the other is a medical and dental trip to the Dominican Republic. Ability in carpentry, electrical, and general maintenance work is needed for the Kentucky mission trip. For the medical and dental mission trip, we visit our diocesan-sponsored parish in Elias Piña with a team of doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, and translators. We go out in the mountains, near the border of Haiti and provide basic health care to people who do not have ready access to doctors and dentists. Teams are made up of about 15 members. Members cover the cost of their travel and food. Parish funds are raised and used for the project. Planning meetings are held to prepare for the project and to become aware of the spiritual and cultural aspects of the people living in the mission area.


Time Commitment: Planning meetings and 1-week trip.

Mission Trips for Youth

Middle and high school students of St. Raphael go on local and national mission trips to serve others. Some examples include participation in the Catholic Heart Work Camp, Make a Difference Day, and organized trips to area shelters like Fr. Carr’s Place 2B to do mission work. Information is released via the bulletin.

Saint Vincent de Paul Society*

You are warmly invited to help this parish conference of volunteers serve others through charitable works, like promoting the monthly parish food collection for the Oshkosh Area Community Pantry, helping meet some financial needs of parishioners, and volunteering at the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store. The conference meets after the 9 am Mass on the second Sunday of each month. At the meeting there is spiritual development and business of the conference.


Time Commitment: Monthly meeting, volunteer at your discretion.

Salvatorian Mission*

This ministry helps prepare supplies to be shipped internationally. The mission warehouse, located in New Holstein, Wisconsin, is used to collect items to be sent to missions in Tanzania, Guatemala, Honduras, and other countries. Transportation is available leaving from the church on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Time Commitment: Leave at 10 am and return by 3 pm on days you are available.

Senior Social Events

Seniors are invited to two social events during the year. There is a summer picnic and a Christmas dinner with entertainment. People are needed to plan, prepare, and clean up for these events. This is a great opportunity to have fun, socialize and meet new people.


Time Commitment: Committee meetings, set up, and decorations.

Soup & Study

Soup & Study is a Lenten offering on the Tuesdays of Lent from noon–1 pm. Helping to facilitate this opportunity for Adult Faith Formation includes setup and serving of soup, bread, and beverages, and setting tables and cleaning up after the presentation. This ministry is a great way to meet others in the parish community, and you will enjoy the presentation.


Time Commitment: Approximately 3 hours each Tuesday during Lent.

Sunday Coffee and Donuts

Coffee and donuts are served in Good Samaritan Hall on the first Sunday of the month after Sunday morning Masses. This hospitality ministry invites the entire parish family to socialize as they share food and drink. This is a great way for a family to serve together by setting up, serving, and cleaning up.


Time Commitment: First Sunday of the month as scheduled.

YMCA Parish Night

During the spring, we reserve a night at the YMCA for families to gather for a variety of activities. Volunteers assist in planning the event and are needed to work with the YMCA staff in selecting activities for our parish families. Parents, children, singles, young adults, and seniors/grandparents are invited to participate. This is a FREE event offered to all parishioners and their families.


Time Commitment: 1–2 hours for planning, 4 hours the evening of the event.

* Sections marked with an asterisk denote an opportunity through an organization whose leadership is located outside of St. Raphael the Archangel Catholic Church. These groups, along with their events and projects, may be hosted at St. Raphael and be comprised of parishioner volunteers, but are not overseen by St. Raphael staff. We are happy to direct you to the people in charge of the events and groups.