St. Raphael the Archangel Congregation in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, holds as its mission the continued ministry of Jesus, the Christ, as revealed to us in the Gospels, the Church, Tradition, Life Situations, and all of Creation. We are called to respond to the needs of the family of God both locally and globally through good stewardship of the many talents and gifts within our members. We will pray to foster a dedication to life, love and faith, as the people of God.


Our congregation consists of more than 6,000 registered members and 2,800 families, each with their own longing for ongoing personal, emotional and spiritual growth. We operate on six priorities of focused growth for the future of our parish.  

  • Liturgy: To encourage full, conscious, active participation.  
  • Parish Community: To maintain and develop relationships within all areas of parish community life.  
  • Evangelization: To invite all people to a deeper relationship with God.  
  • Formation & Education: To deepen people’s understanding of Jesus Christ and His Church in order to live Christ’s teaching. 
  • Catholic Identity: To increase our understanding of, and increase our participation in, the universal Catholic Church.  
  • Fiscal Responsibility: To continue to achieve our parish mission through careful financial stewardship.