Prayer Resources

As a part of Bishop Ricken's Disciples on the Way mission, which is an invitation to embark on "a journey of deepening our prayer life, of learning to be better disciples," we invite you to grow in prayer and your relationship with Jesus. 

This can be as simple as a few minutes of prayer to begin or end the day, or you can grow to reflecting with scripture or other methods for twenty minutes or more. Please know you are always welcome

to visit St. Raphael's during open hours, and pray.

For more information on prayer, download Bishop Ricken's Teach My People to Pray: A Pastoral Reflection.

Lectio Divina (Divine Reading):     

The button above leads you to a description from the Hallow app. You can definitely try Lectio Divina and other prayers through the Hallow app by taking advantage of a free trial. Otherwise, you can pray Lectio Divina by picking a scripture passage from your own Bible, or praying with the daily readings.


Sunday Mass Lectio Divina sheets can also be accessed here

Imaginative Prayer

Daily Examen

Hymns - Singing is Praying Twice!

This button takes you to a pdf file with some basic hymns and Youtube links to hear recordings.

Some other artists you can listen to and learn songs from are in the following links:

Vigil Project

Sarah Hart:

This link provides a place to sample her music. Feel free to then find your favorites on YouTube, etc. "Sacrament" album is especially beautiful.

Matt Maher

Spiritual Communion Prayer

Jesus Prayer