The Booth

**This page is intended mainly for people who are already trained and work in the booth.**

See "Interested in Joining?" section for basic info. Scroll down for radio information. 

Important Links

Above you will find links to the Mass availability form, schedule (condensed to put all available schedules in one document), and contact information. For privacy reasons, you must have permission from the coordinator to access the contact information. If you are a booth member, but cannot view the contact info, please email, text, or call the coordinator.

Shadowing Trainees and Staff

If a new boothie-in-training or staff member asks to shadow you, let them sit in with you on a Mass and detail to that person what you are doing and why. If they are confident enough, let them try a song. The coordinator will let you know if there are any new boothies that may ask to shadow. There is NO SHADOWING ALLOWED AT THE 9 AM RADIO MASS. There is simply too much going on to have another person in the booth. Everyone should know this, so please politely inform anyone who asks to shadow at the 9 am that it is the coordinator's policy to not allow this and to choose another Mass to shadow.

Want more training?

Sometimes we all get a little rusty on some tasks. If you would like to get a refresher on a particular area, feel free to contact the coordinator to set up a meeting so you can practice on the soundboard, in ProPresenter, recording a CD, or whatever other skill you want to brush up on. 

Interested in joining?

For those interested, people who work in the booth are trained on a Mac Pro computer, ProPresenter software, the church lighting system, the video camera system, and the sound system. They may also be trained on radio at their discretion. Contact the coordinator at, or for more information on the Booth and other Communication and Technology ministries, download our pages from the Stewardship of Service booklet.

Radio Mass

9 am every Sunday on 1490 AM WOSH

Important Links

See above links to the radio Mass availability form, schedule, and relevant contact info. 

  • In the availability form, you can detail the number of Masses you would like to host in a given time period regardless of the number of weekends you are available (e.g. I am available every weekend in this month, but I only want to host one radio Mass). The coordinator will always adhere to those conditions. 
  • You will notice the schedule contains a revision date in the file name so you know when it was last updated. If you have any questions, contact the coordinator.
  • If you cannot make a Mass you have been scheduled for, contact the Social Communication Coordinator and/or Liturgist as soon as you can. If you have enough notice and would like to try finding a replacement for a future radio Mass, use the contact info sheet to reach out to other trained radio personnel and alert the coordinator to any changes.

Questions & Additional Training

If you are a current radio host and you have questions about hosting, the sound system, the schedule, or anything, please contact the coordinator via email at You are always welcome to schedule a time to meet with the coordinator should you like to come in for a refresher or some additional training. 

Interested in Joining?

If you are interested in becoming a radio host for the 9 am Sunday morning Mass, contact the Social Communication Coordinator at, and put RADIO in the subject line of the email. In order to become a radio host, you will be trained on the church sound system, shadow a current host, host under the supervision of a current host, and then be given a Mass to host on your own.