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Education & Formation

These ministries include education and formation for adult Catholics, those who want to become Catholic, the Sacraments, youth faith formation in our religious education program, and youth ministries. See our options below. Scroll down for detailed descriptions, and fill out the Education & Formation Form for more information. Click the link to download the complete Stewardship Opportunities booklet.

Religious Education Program Catechists & Mentors (More Info)

Sunday School Catechist (Grades 4K & K)

Families of Faith Catechist (Grades 4K–10)

Elementary Weekly Class Session Catechist (Grades 1–5)

Weekly Middle School EDGE Session Mentors (Grades 6–8)

Bi-Weekly High School/Confirmation Sessions Mentors (Grades 9-11)

Substitute Catechist (Grades 4K–10)

  • Catechist Volunteer FormView information about becoming a catechist, request more information from the RE team, sign up to be a catechist, or sign up to be a substitute catechist for 2022-2023
  • Catechist Handbook

Youth Ministry: Aftershock High School & Edge Middle School (More Info)

Aftershock-Lifeteen High School COR Team

Aftershock-Lifenight Support Squad

Middle School Edge Mentors

Additional Youth Faith Formation Opportunities (More Info)

Children's Liturgy of the Word (CLOW)

Students with Special Needs

Vacation Bible School

Rite of Christian Initiation (More Info)

CIC Assistant Teacher for children

RCIA Sponsor for adults

Religious Education Program Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in bringing the love of Jesus to youth and families. Below is a description of ways you can help bring the love of Jesus to youth and families. Please note that Youth Faith Formation volunteers must complete online Virtus training and pass a background check. Additionally, we ask volunteers to attend two training sessions throughout the year. The parish provides all other resources, lesson outlines, and materials for volunteers.  

Sunday School Catechist (Grades 4k & K)

Time Commitment: Every other Sunday during the 10 am Mass, September–April

Details: Sunday School catechists facilitate hands-on activities for the littlest disciples every other Sunday during the 9 am and 11 am Mass times.  

Families of Faith Catechists (Grades 4K–10)

Time Commitment: The last Sunday of every month, 3–5 pm, August–April

Details: Our whole family catechesis option brings parents and children together for faith formation. Families gather together once a month for formation and parents teach their children at home the other three weeks of the month. Family of Faith catechists facilitate youth break out sessions during the monthly meeting.   

Elementary Weekly Class Session Catechists (Grades 1–5)

Time Commitment: Tuesdays or Wednesday 4–6:30 pm, September–April

Details: Engage with children in grades 1-5 to bring them closer to Christ within a classroom setting utilizing a variety of hands-on activities, prayer experiences, and small group discussion. All lesson plans, materials and training are provided.   

Weekly Middle School EDGE Session Mentors (Grades 6–8)

Time Commitment: Tuesdays 4:30–6 pm or Wednesdays 6:15–7:45 pm, September-April.

Details: Mentor middle school youth as disciples by facilitating small group discussion and a variety of team building activities and prayer experiences. All training, materials, and session outlines are provided. (Also see description in Youth Ministry section.)  

Bi-Weekly High School/Confirmation Sessions Mentors (Grades 9-11)

Time Commitment: Bi-Weekly Wednesdays 7:30–9 pm, September–April

Details: Mentor high school youth as disciples by facilitating small group discussion and a variety of team building activities and prayer experiences. All training, materials, and session outlines are provided.   

Substitute Catechist (Grades 4K–10)

Time Commitment: As your schedule allows

Details: Substitute catechists volunteer on an as-needed basis when catechists and mentors are ill or unable to make all assigned sessions. Substitute catechists can indicate grade and day/time preferences.  

Interested? Fill out the volunteer form or contact the Director of Religious Education using the buttons below!

Contact the DRE

Youth Ministry Volunteer Opportunities

Aftershock-Lifeteen High School COR Team

The two main requirements for joining COR is you have to be an adult (20+) who desires and is seeking the Lord, and you cannot be perfect. The rest we can work on together. COR team helps plan and coordinate opportunities for our high school students to encounter Jesus through our Sunday night Lifenights, retreats, service projects and relational ministry. Our aim is to build a foundation that will carry each individual through all walks of life straight into Sainthood. Concerned about not being qualified or knowledgeable? Place yourself into the hands of Jesus and let Him take care of it. We support our COR's own faith journey by providing formation, retreats and community because we cannot share what we do not have. All we ask is that you be present and share yourself with us and our youth. Time commitment for this is Sunday evenings from 5-8:30 pm (including Mass) and our COR gatherings where we work on our own journeys. 

Aftershock-Lifenight Support Squad

The support Squad is what helps keep the blood pumping throughout the body, it's the Alfred to our Batman or Martha to our Mary. Several roles are available to allow any strengths to be utilized. The main areas we are looking for help are prayer team, food team and environment/hospitality. If those don't interest you, that's ok, we can always use help in other areas! Is He calling you to do some behind the scenes action that allows our COR team to be more present to our youth? Perhaps this is the perfect job for you! Contact our Youth Ministry Department for more ways to get involved at michael.wilms@raphael.org.

Middle School Edge Mentors

Edge mentors will be the front lines working with are super cool middle schoolers. They will assist in the planning, leading, sharing and having fun! Statistics show that most individuals have decided by middle school or sooner whether or not they want to be Catholic, let alone a believer. Our goal is to show them why Jesus matters and how awesome it is to be Catholic! This program will build the groundwork that will continue to blossom as the students enter into high school and beyond. This mentorship is available to adults and high schoolers who desire to share God's love and create a sacred environment where children can feel safe and encouraged to grow in their faith. Edge runs weekly on Tuesday evenings 4:30–6 pm and Wednesday nights 6:15–7:45 pm. We can work with scheduling as needed but are looking for mentors to be present at least once a month to a weekly basis on one or both days. Get outside yourself and come have a blast with us all while forming hearts, including your own. 

Contact our Youth Ministry Department to get involved:


Additional Youth Faith Formation Volunteer Opportunities


Young adults in grades 6–12 are needed to assist with childcare during parish events and on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings during religious education classes. Babysitting is a valued ministry that allows families with younger children to participate in various church activities.


Time Commitment: Varies.

Children's Liturgy of the Word (CLOW)

During the 10 am Sunday Masses (excluding holidays), children ages 5–10 can listen to readings and participate in activities free of charge to help them understand the Scripture stories and grow closer to God. Volunteers are needed during Mass and must be middle school age to supervise, and at least high school age to lead. Volunteers sign up at their own convenience. No experience necessary. Materials and training are provided.


Time Commitment: 1 hour at 10 am Mass on Sundays, sign up at your own discretion.

Students with Special Needs

Every effort is made by the Faith Formation staff to accommodate students with special learning needs within the context of the regular classes. It is our intention to provide your child with the same support he/she receives in his/her regular education classroom. Parents with children with special needs should make an appointment with the Coordinator of Religious Education to discuss what accommodations may be necessary. People interested in volunteering their talents and time to assist in the education of children with special needs should also contact the Coordinator of Religious Education to see what opportunities are available.

Vacation Bible School

Each summer students PK–5th grade are invited to attend a week-long half day camp that focuses on scripture passages and growing our relationship with Jesus. Volunteers are needed to assist as station leaders, small group leaders, kitchen helpers, environment team members, and registration. Both adult and youth volunteers (grades 6-12) are needed to work directly with the children.


Time Commitment: Varies according to role during the week or before/after for setup and takedown.

Contact the Director of Religious Education to get involved:


Rite of Christian Initiation Volunteer Opportunities

CIC Assistant Teacher

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Children (CIC) is the process by which young candidates are fully initiated into the Catholic Church. The CIC assistant teaches a prepared lesson for students during student class sessions and helps the coordinator during family classes.

Time Commitment: 1 hour per week October– Easter.

RCIA Sponsor

A sponsor for the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) is a person who journeys with someone considering and following the process to be fully initiated into the Catholic Church. A sponsor comes to weekly gatherings in which the participants learn about the Catholic faith and teachings, study the Gospels, and share faith experiences. A sponsor walks with a candidate and shares in their journey to learn and grow in faith from September leading up to Easter Vigil.

Time Commitment: Monday evenings 1.5 hours and attendance at some specific Masses September–Easter.

Contact the Pastoral Associate to get involved: